Design and communications is what sets a brand apart in today’s world of content. The way it works is your designs are how your audiences are perceiving your brand and forming an opinion before trying your service or product. We ideate, plan and create designs that are not only relevant to your brand but also for your consumers. 


Branding & Guidelines

It’s of utmost importance for every brand when starting out to have an identity that represents them, their values, and vision and alongside this to have a clear set of guidelines for their brand which covers what’s the brand about, the design guidelines, brand colors which gives you a vision board for your brand on how it will look. 

Logo Design & Type

Your logo is your brand’s identity, the first and foremost thing anyone will notice when they see your brand for the first time and as your identity, your logo should be a representation of your brand, its services, and products. We ideate logos that not only stand out but reflect your brand’s nature through using the right colors, dynamic fonts and most importantly creating an identity that people will remember your brand by.

3D Rendering

In order to have your product or concept rendered in 3d, we at DAV Media understand your plans, concepts, reference images in order to come up with sketches, camera angle options, lighting to the actual 3d model, and the texturing for the desired output.

Digital, Outdoor & Print Media

Most of your communications happen through 3 mediums, digital, print, and outdoor. Digital covers social media, google, youtube while print covers newspapers, magazines, and outdoor are your hoarding primarily. We create campaigns, designs, and creatives customized to the requirement for all forms of media. 

GIFs & Videos

Today’s internet mainly consumes motion in the form of GIFs, animations, short-format videos, and well, videos in general. Thanks to Youtube, Tiktok, and Instagram Reels, this trend is only going to evolve in the coming years. At DAV, we cater to a wide variety of videos from GIFs, motion graphics, edits, and because of our in-house assets, we also shoot and edit videos. 

Portfolio & Decks

For every brand, every project, there need to be presentations, portfolios, brand decks, branding guidelines, to better understand your brand, your services, or products. We cater to creating customized decks according to your requirements.