We are all connected more than ever, as all the information is on our fingertips, thanks to the internet and the world wide web. The world of the internet is fantastic as a medium of profound transformation for a business or an individual to stay connected and relevant. We at DAV Media continue to transform the way brands connect or sell their products and services to their audiences digitally.

web services

UX/UI Design

The first impression might be your last impression, User experience & User interface might seem too technical but it is your first impression in attaining customer satisfaction. We help brands design their outlook based on their target audience and product story resulting in utmost customer satisfaction based on design experience.

CMS Based Website Design

Accessibility and flexibility is everything for a business to run smoothly, content management systems lets your business take a dynamic approach by updating and modifying content in real time from anywhere and anytime. We handle various cms platforms like wordpress, joomla, modx etc..

E- Commerce Web Design

Everything in today’s age is a click away, the internet has made it possible for brands to be accessible to everyone. We help grow your business by designing and optimizing an ecommerce portal for your products or services and also integrate payment gateways and 3rd party api’s for full functionality and control.

Website Re-designing

Get a completely new outlook to your website through a UX/UI redesign, better integrations, optimized backend, and overall change in the design and layout. This redesign will be done in accordance with your brand, its audiences for your brand.

Responsive Web Design

Information & content is consumed in various mediums let it be a laptop screen to a TV screen to a mobile device, We take the dynamic approach in optimising your website based on the devices it’s been viewed on.

Backend & database

Data is everything to a business, right from production to marketing everything is based on databases and backend. We design, build and optimize backend and databases based on your requirements.