Every brand needs a launch strategy, a brand positioning strategy, a marketing strategy, campaign strategies, and a sales strategy. It’s the plan of action for your product or service that lets you stand out amongst your competitors. 


Project Management

End to end project management from campaign ideation to its implementation and everything in between from design, advertising mediums, print, logistics, PR, events and activations to support the campaign. 

Brand Positioning

Your brand positioning is of utmost importance as that is the position you are placing yourself for your audiences to perceive and interact with your product and service. A strong brand positioning indicates reaching your target audience and relevant market for product knowledge and sales. 

Brand Launch Strategy

A brand launch strategy covers the end to end launch of your brand digitally and physically to your audiences. We help with the launch campaign for digital and print media alongside activations and events to support the launch. This ensures your brand reaches its right audience through creative campaigns along with giving them physical experience of your brand through activations and events. 

Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy refers to your business’s overall game plan for reaching prospective consumers and turning them into customers for your products or services. We at DAV tailor your marketing strategy to device your value proposition, key brand messaging, data on target customer demographics, and other high-level elements to integrate your product or service into the market.

Analytical Support

We work with brands closely to collect and analyse data, Identify and solve problems resulting in making data driven recommendations to increase the overall productivity and brand value. Our expertise with various marketing channels and its backend analytical tools to its algorithms helps us devise smooth and creative marketing campaigns with minimal customer acquisition costs(CAC).

Vendor Support

From a commercial shoot to a mega event we have the most cost effective and quality driven vendor network to execute our vision. Logistics, Equipment, Sound, Lights, Locations and Manpower.