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The Best Social Media Platforms for Advertising in 2021

Whether you love it or hate it, you’re on it or off the internet. Today, social media is important for both brands and individuals alike. 

The lockdown forced everyone to stay indoors, which pushed people online for various needs from networking, shopping, paying their bills; your everyday chores went digital, your work-life went digital, and with that brands? Well, they also went digital. Today, no brand could survive without social media and a comprehensive digital strategy.

Reportedly, 72% of people report increasing their social media consumption during the COVID-19 pandemic. They aren’t just mindlessly scrolling either. 43% say they’re posting and sharing more content themselves or on behalf of brands.

Here is a list of the 14 best social media apps to use in 2021.

Facebook - 2.7 Billion Monthly Active Users

Facebook is a must-have for every brand since social media began with Facebook. Though youngsters are shying away from Facebook in favor of apps like Instagram and Tiktok, Facebook still holds the key for social media and digital marketing. Facebook still remains to be a vital cog in every company’s monthly strategy sheerly due to the audience it delivers, it has the widest range of audience geographically and age groups alike. It’s also the first social media platform that introduced advertising to its audiences.
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Instagram - 1.2 Billion Monthly Active Users

Instagram is packaged around sharing photos and videos. It’s a great visual space, being not text-heavy it doesn’t even allow links within its posts. One of the biggest social media hits of 2021, Instagram is only increasing its platform with new inclusions like Reels. It’s a great marketing tool for aspiring brands and B2C brands alike. It’s also got great sponsored ads features.

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TikTok - 700 Million Monthly Active Users

Capitalizing on the biggest trend of 2021, short format videos, Tik Tok is an app that solely focuses on this. The app lets you share short videos for a variety of purposes from tutorials, comic skits, dance, singing, trending videos, cooking and so much more, allowing brands to be innovative in their content and using influencer based content marketing.

Twitter - 186 Million Daily Active Users

Twitter is like the James Bond of social media due to its fast-paced nature. People share their opinions, as many users seek information and news on it. This platform allows companies to publish original content as the audience is seeking unadulterated information on a regular basis. Sharing blogs and links to products or services is simple which is a game-changer for brands.

LinkedIn - 706 Million Registered Users

LinkedIn is a great platform for professionals, B2B Marketing, and jobs platform. Which is covering all verticals of every sector, Making it a powerful platform for employers, employees, and business owners alike. It helps brands communicate their services, products, work culture, nature of business and also allows them to publish blogs and articles. 

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Youtube - Over 2 Billion Registered Users

Youtube is the pioneer of free user-generated content platforms using only videos. It’s also the second largest search engine for content. A brand with a great content strategy can use youtube’s SEO-friendly tags to great advantage as a marketing tool.

Whatsapp - Over 2 Billion Global Users

Whatsapp’s primary feature is communication, it’s a great platform for businesses to communicate directly to their customers,  create and share products or services catalogs. Whatsapp for business also offers to set automated messages linking the website and social networks like Instagram and Facebook.

Messenger - Over 1.3 Billion Registered Users

Messenger is one of the most important tools of Facebook, it lets users and brands communicate directly and to its interested customers. It lets brands personalize chatbots to optimize their enquiries and communication like tracking, bookings, appointments etc.

Pinterest - Over 400 Million Monthly Users

Pinterest is a great platform for eCommerce businesses. It allows users to upload images with short descriptions and a link to the product. It also has a great feature of in-site shopping, which allows users to buy the product directly. Specific pins help the product to have more context for its users. 87% of the pinners have purchased a product or two from Pinterest It’s a great way to direct traffic to your product or service page.

Reddit - Over 430 Million Monthly Active Users

Reddit is a platform offering its users to interact with each other based on shared interests. Users can share content, links or ask questions in topic groups called subreddits. Reddit can also be used as a tool for brands for research to understand what their audience is talking about and create content based on that. It also offers advertising options to put the brand in front of interested users.

Tumblr - 510 Million Registered Blogs

Tumbler is a microblogging platform, it’s a great way to reach a potential audience. Having said that, it’s a great tool for reaching younger audiences of the age group between 16 and 34. It has the youngest demographic of any social site and its users are very active.

Quora - 300 Million Unique Monthly Users

Quora is a Q & A platform that allows users to ask questions or answer them. These questions are the indicator of what the users are seeking, let it be knowledge, product or service oriented. This platform allows users and brands to stamp authority if they possess the answer.

Snapchat - 238 Million Daily Active Users

Snapchat is another platform in this list containing a younger audience. The platform allows users to post photos or videos called the snaps, which will remain on the platform for 24 hours, making it ideal to promote location-specific events. It helps brands to create custom or branded geotags.

Vimeo - 200 Million Registered Users

Vimeo is on constant growth as the demand for video content is on a great rise. It offers great options for premium streams making it a great on-demand platform. Although it does offer great editing tools.

Which One do You Like the most? Let us know in the comment section.

Uthra Chandrashekar
Uthra Chandrashekar

Uthra Chandrashekar is a media specialist at the DAV Media also being a psychology buff! Her research and writing explores Marketing, Digital Cultures, Advertising, Media industry and Literature, although she fills her soul with thought provoking ideas about, Woman Empowerment, Social Equality, Counter Culture Living, Art, Music & Cinema.

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